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  1. ConicTinyMPC.png
    Code Generation for Conic Model-Predictive Control on Microcontrollers with TinyMPC

    Sam Schoedel*, Khai Nguyen*, Elakhya Nedumaran, Brian Plancher, and Zachary Manchester

    IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 2024
    In review

  2. TinyMPC.gif
    TinyMPC: Model-Predictive Control on Resource-Constrained Microcontrollers

    Khai Nguyen*, Sam Schoedel*, Anoushka Alavilli*, Brian Plancher, and Zachary Manchester

    In IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2024
    Nominated for Best Conference Paper Award, Best Student Paper Award, and Best Paper Award in Automation

  3. squeaky2.jpg
    Development of an Affordable and Modular 3D Printed Quadruped Robot

    Sam Schoedel*, Alex Fuge*, Bhaben Kalita, and Alexander Leonessa

    In International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE), 2022

  4. cartpole.gif
    Cart Pole

    An underactuated cart pole built from common 3D printer parts and a brushless motor. Built as a TA for 16-701, Optimal Control and Reinforcement Learning at CMU and used for various projects in the Robotic Exploration Lab.

  5. motor-controller.jpg
    Brushless Motor Controller

    A compact and open source brushless DC motor controller with CAN support that runs an ESP32 microcontroller with a TMC6200 motor driver.